Limited editions

Personality, Singularity , class! Vehicles become even more attractive when limited editions are presented .
AutoAccess is the ideal partner for your limited edition . We can assist you for the installation of small series. We even have a good relationship with several PDI facilities.
In case a car importer decides to work with a PDI facility, AutoAccess will offer assistance and training for the installation of the accessories supplied.
AutoAccess will provide the most cost efficient and most suitable solution for your accessories .
We provide these accessories with OE quality .

AutoAccess can offer you a complete offer for your special edition.
Interior :
- Car audio- navigation - rear view camera system
- Entryguards - carpet ( with or without special logo )
- Leather interior
- Trunk protection
- A range of usefull accessories
- Styling Solutions
- Chrome- Stainless steel accessories
- Parking aid
- Alloy wheels ( wheelset )
Exterior Pick-Up
- Hardtops / Tonneau Covers
- Bedliners

AutoAccess offers you also the service for installation of genuine accessories .

Examples Interior :






Exterior :