E-kit upgrade for Tessera Roll+ Universal


Easy and automatic use with motor & AI Smart control. Upgrade from Basic to "ELECTRIC" version by simply adding the E-kit.


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The futuristic E-kit includes:

> Specially designed AI controller board with the following specs: 

- No need for calibration. The only motor system that does it automatically.

- Soft open/close feature: Specially programmed system which provides soft open/close feature for smoother usage.

- Maintenance popup alerts: it informs you to clean canister’s drainages in case of water is blocked inside.

- Also is the only roll top cover that calculates rolling time for open/close process and inform you to clean and lubricate the side rail parts for smoother rolling.

- Mobile App facilities. (Detailed features)

- You can stop and lock your roll  cover at any point by step-less auto locking.

- Obstacle feature with embodied sensors.

- Triple operation system (Mobile Phone Application, Rear slat "One Touch" operation, Key Fob remote).

> Electric Motor tested in the most extreme conditions.

> Specially designed key fob remote. (2 pieces)

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E-kit upgrade for Tessera Roll+ Universal

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