New generation, 8-patented "Tessera Roll+" aluminum roller lid shutter, available for Ford Ranger XL/XLT/LIMITED T6.2 (P703) 2023+ extra cab. Revolutionary & futuristic design, versatility, durability, 100% handmade and with 3 years warranty in materials and workmanship.


Product typeRoll covers
Cab typeExtra cab


> Easy upgrade from "BASIC" to "SPRING" or "ELECTRIC" version by simply adding any of the s-Kit or e-Kit, at any time without the use of tools or special knowledge. 

>Special aluminum side rails (5mm thick), with built-in "T-SLOTS” for easy and secure installation with NO DRILL of extra accessories like: Roll bars, side handrails and cross racks. 

> Beautiful and practical red LED light bar, which can be used as a beam, brake light and in the case of the e-Kit as a warning signal for obstacles or even as an alarm. 

> A full-length moving white LED light bar on the inside of the shutter, which illuminates and highlights the focus of the trunk (regardless of the load in the trunk). 

> Specially designed interior locking system with aluminum locking teeth to prevent unauthorized access. Use the strap for automatic unlocking of the Tessera Roll+ and make your daily life easier. Better protection and use in low temperatures.

> Specially designed wider, stronger and "Knife proof" slats, for 100% load protection and rubber for ultimate insulation. 

> 2 specially designed Φ20 drainage systems, with 2 overflow systems and integrated "ANTI-LEAF" technology in the sump area, for full drainage and protection against water (60 liters/minute). 

> Innovative design of the rear slat combined with the smallest dimensions of the collection tray (20cm x 23cm), offers the advantage of maximum net loading capacity, both in length and height.

> Specially designed cover for the collection tray, making the Tessera Roll+ easy to access and operate.

> Heavy-duty shaft provides full protection in case of spring (s-Kit) or electric motor (e-Kit).

> Next generation powder coating (Class 2) with fine texture and high resistance to weather conditions. The powder coating is applied in special heated ovens for 15 minutes at 190°C.

> Easy installation in vehicles with or without bed-liners. In the case of bed-liners, it can be easily installed with UNDER-rail types or OVER-rail types.

> Easy and quick installation without drilling holes. 

> Aerodynamic design to boost fuel economy.

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Roll Cover Plus Ford Ranger EC '23 XL/XLT/LIMITED Tessera 4X4

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